It has become that time… Race talks

Today, the ride home from school was interesting. BabyB says: “Mom did you know that is we(the boys) were born in the 1900’s or so, we would be slaves? I want to research my heritage”. I took a quick look in the back seat and had no idea what else to say. I tried to take into account the fact that they are only 9 years old but we often have more “grown up” conversations (talking is the only time I do not shelter them). I said, quite bluntly, honey back in the “day”, it would not have been possible for dad and I to have a relationship at all (I am black, their dad is white). He took a look at his arm and the arms of his brothers and said, “I would have been a slave with you mom” he’s darker than his brother’s. His oldest brother says “hey!!! that’s no fair, I couldn’t be a slave”. Looks like we have to have a very in depth conversation. Truth: I have no idea where to begin with the talk, but we are about to embark on a huge family tree. I have always wanted to, but have never gotten past my maternal grandparents. I guess even a road block like that leads to some dialog. We will try to do both sides of the tree, mom and dad and see where it goes.


One thought on “It has become that time… Race talks

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