I had to share this with you because 140 characters does not allow me to express my outrage. I am watching the view, they were talking about Sherry’s experience at a birthday party that consisted of mostly white people and just herself and the birthday boy were black. One of the white party members, while playing Taboo, said “clean those dishes boy” as a way to get people to guess ‘waiter’ as the word. Also he said “it rhymes with…..” in order to guess the word ‘trigger’. The cast of the View debated the topic a little but then Michelle Collins, in a failed  attempt to defend black people presumably, says.. “you have to wonder what he says when black people aren’t around. What does he say at the country club?”

Michelle, I hope you find some way to make this right. Why would you think that there are no black people in country clubs so there would be no one there to take offence to such remarks. I think that maybe you should apologies for this misguided assumption. I hope that you can see you presumption that black people are not country club members as a truly racist remark.



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