RIP Oregon victims and the families of these victims

Today is a heavy hearted day. I saw on the news about the mass shooting in Roseburg Oregon. A 20 year old open fired on Umpqua Community College killing 13 people and wounding at least 20 others. This happened around 10:30 Am today local time. This is a sad tragic event and makes me feel sick. What are the thoughts that goes through someone’s head before they decide take the lives of so many people?

The President spoke already and I am sure, like I did, you tuned in to watch.

I know there are going to be a lot of people focused on the fact that he spoke about stricter gun control laws but please do not forget to remember that 13 people just died today. 13 college students. 13 people who have families and friends and maybe even children. 13 possible spouses. 13 people who may have gone on to find a cure for a disease or two. 13 people of which one could have made a, enormous impact on the world in a positive way. 13 people who expected to learn something new and return home to their families and share a meal.

I go to a community college and this news is very unnerving. As soon as I start to look at the exits in the classrooms that I am in, something like this reminds me to keep vigilant.

A moment of silence for those who are lost.

I will post on date night later this evening.


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