Rain Rain go Away!!

I am stuck in a rut. I have no idea why. I looked back on my week and have noticed that I really haven’t gotten a ton of things done. It’s raining outside and I am still in my pajamas. I skipped class today and haven’t done much in the way of way in the past two days.

Where did this stagnation come from? I haven’t the slightest idea. I can only assume that my soul needs the rest. In order to gain more “get up and go” I have been reading a lot of blogs composed by others.

I came across a post and I fell into it. Like really fell! I found myself so connected to that, if it hadn’t been for the very extensive vocabulary used and the seemingly perfect grammar, I would’ve thought I written it myself. This was my world. This is the relationship I was in. This Narcissist was MY narcissist! Here is a small clip:

Frankly, before a narcissist, I’ve not once in my life, felt. Neither have I ever been told by a psychologist that I had anything wrong with my mental health concerning relationships. I always had it “together”. I was resilient, mentally tough, and withstood many events in my life that would make others crumble.

If you haven’t read in a previous post, I am currently seeing a psychologist. I have been since one week before I sent my narcissist to the house of correction for his actions. The reason for seeking therapy is because I am studying to become a psychologist and you should see a psychologist if you’re becoming one because you will definitely need to process or debrief. My therapist has said these exact words to me.

I was resilient, mentally tough, and withstood many events in my life that would make others crumble.

My tagline says “I’ve been through it all. Don’t go it alone” and that is true! Life, death, love, loss. You name it, I’ve seen/experienced it!

Yet, when I unwittingly dated someone with this serious mental health malady, I wanted to slam an entire set of broken porcelain down his throat sideways and every obtuse moron that believes the garbage that comes out of his mouth. No, it’s not that I suddenly became a person interested in physical violence, I suddenly became a person who was witnessing a category all wrapped up into a physical being – who turned his mental health problems on me. I became a target of a person with a problem. They say, “Hurt people, HURT people”. I say, “Narcissistic People DESTROY PEOPLE”.

For a year in my life I felt all ten of these signs deeply, profoundly! So thank you Shahrazadastory for composing this beautiful piece reminding me of why I began this journey through my blog. For reminding me why I never give up on personal growth and self development! I encourage all people to head over and check out Ten Signs You Have Been Abused By A Narcissist


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