How long will it take to heal?

This was touching. This is probably the single most important yet unanswered question that exists in the world regarding feelings of pain and suffering. You always ask yourself how long it will take until you are able to breath.

Take the death of my father and sister, when I was just 8 years old. I have still not “healed” even 24 years later. In this circumstance thing only thing that you can do is to understand that the pain never really goes away. The loss stays forever in you heart, you are just able, one day, to breath. You’ll still have moments of unrelenting sorrow and grief, but you can move forward in the living.

So I guess the better question is; in some circumstances, does one ever really heal?

Source: How long will it take to heal?


4 thoughts on “How long will it take to heal?

  1. I guess some kinds of pain do go away with time, or they transform themselves into milestones in our life which drives us forward and become better persons. Unfortunately, some rest as marks on us and it’s up to us how we live with them. Probably much easier said than to accept, but humans are born imperfect. So are our lives. Cliched, but what’s gone is gone. Seize the present.

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  2. I asked that exact question 14 years ago after my wife passed, the response from my therapist was simply…”you never fully heal, somehow you come to terms with it, then they adapt to time”

    The perspective shifts, yet the image never quite leaves

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