Sunday loving

Ahh Sunday, the day of relaxation. The one day of the week that we allow ourselves to ease out of work mode and into leisure mode. Usually we don’t really take ourselves away from business but today I did. I have been hanging out in my pajamas all day. The kids are with their dad this weekend and I have no work to do so I am doing nothing. I did some light cleaning and I’ll probably clean my car out but besides that nothing. No big dinner plan, pizza is on the menu!

I have, however, been thinking about my guy situation. No there is no boyfriend to speak of. But I have a weird collection of entertainment going on as of late. I have been thinking about how often I tell these guys I’m just not that into you, but they keep in contact. So let’s have a Sunday chat about Tom, Dick and Harry.

Screenshot_2015-09-27-00-19-31 (2)Screenshot_2015-09-27-00-17-12 (2)

Tom, I met about 3 years ago. We “hung out” for the summer and that was cool. He has children as well and they are around the same ages as mine so it made it a little bit more fun for the summer. The kids hung out a lot and it was like a summer of party central. We decided that our relationship was not going to be a relationship at all and called it quits. I thought friendship would be okay, especially because the boys got along so well. He did not. He wanted more than a friendship and I just couldn’t take the constant talk about being intimate again. two years later I get a message trying to spark something, again I said not gonna happen. I have blocked any calls but can not block the messaging feature. Side note: He has a girlfriend now and just refuses to take no for an answer. He hasn’t contacted me in weeks because the last time he did, I told him I was willing only to be a couples counselor for him and his girlfriend!

3 (2)1 (2)

Dick and I never actually met in person. We chatted for about two years online but I couldn’t get past the fact that he never spells anything correctly. I have told him repeatedly that I am not interested in ever meeting in person. He says if I ever change my mind, to call him. Umm No Thanks!! He now has a girlfriend and is back to contacting me. I have been asking him why he keeps contacting me and that he should respect his girlfriend more, and respect my wishes. He Facebook messages me good morning and a variety of other things to which I keep telling him the same thing about respect.2 (2) I’ve been kind about it but he wouldn’t stop, that is until his girlfriend found out. I was relieved to not have communication and then last night I get a message from a number I did not know. It was him! He created a number online just to contact me. I want to tell his girlfriend but I don’t want the added drama. I will just let the messages rack up unanswered.

Screenshot_2015-09-08-22-21-40 (2)Screenshot_2015-09-27-00-14-17 (2)

Harry and I have been talking for a couple of months. JUST A COUPLE OF MONTHS and he asked me to marry him??? He says how much he is in love with me and wants me to be his wife! WHAT??? He doesn’t even know my last name, middle name, kids names, nothing. How the heck?

Screenshot_2015-09-27-00-15-58 (2)Screenshot_2015-09-27-00-11-54 (2)

My problem is where did these guy come from? I am so curious about their upbringing and past relationships. I want to know all about their relationships with their parents. I want to know where this need to rush came from with Harry. I want to know why Dick and Tom have zero respect for the girlfriends, and moreover, why they tell their girlfriends that they love them yet contact other women. I think my curiosity is what is holding me back. It’s the psychologist in me.


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