New Hat for me I guess

I definitely need a glass of wine and Netflix now. Took and passed my first test “Diagram Components”

The problem I have found with supporting myself with 1099 work is that I usually jump right into a new field. have been doing the field inspection and loss mitigation thing for a little bit but I just added home insurance surveys (different company). Who’d have guessed I’d need to know so much about a house. At this moment I can tell you all about the 5 different foundation types(plus the no foundation/overhang), the 5 different garage types, as well as what classifies as a bi-level and tri-level. Wanna know how many attached structures to your home? haha didn’t think so. oh and did you know that (what I have been calling duplex) is called a townhouse and/or a row house and the difference between those two are; row houses were built before 1940 and typically have flat roofs and townhouses began after 1940 mostly in the 80’s and have pitched roofs?


Many hats people, many freaking hats

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