Keeping my Mind, Body and Soul Active

I am definitely feeling it today! My legs are on fire… It hurts so much I don’t even want to do my job today because it requires me to walk a lot. Why, you ask…. Kung-Fu!!!  I canceled my class this morning but managed to head to campus to take the exam for Spanish. It was painful walking up and down the college hills but I managed.

I am afraid to go on Wednesday but I know it is for the best because I am working on my total body

I am starting another “job”, currently in training. I think that I will learn a lot in this one. It is a totally different field from any field that I have ever been in, Insurance. Not underwriting or anything, I will be a field rep for them alongside NCCI. I will assist in reports regarding homes that are under renewal for their insurance and/or getting a new policy. Basically doing the grunt work for insurance companies. So I will be in training for the next two weeks which means cramming more vocabulary words into my brain, I have already been trying to cram in psychology vocab and Spanish vocab oh and debt collector vocab!.

This means I have:ALT_10.01.13

3 children

2 Jobs

4 college classes

1 Apartment to maintain

1 Cat

2 Fish

Photo Credit: Stephanie Zamora


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