Envionment #7 SELF

This environment is the environment of the self… AKA you!! It speaks to you passions, what you excel at.. What are you contributing to the planet?

Personally speaking, my passion is listening. That is what I am good at. I am a very attentive person. At one point this gift I have, listening and being attentive, frustrated me to no end. I didn’t see it as a gift at all, it always got me in trouble because people, strangers, would tell me the most wildest things about themselves and I felt…. used, for lack of better term.  I would often feel like people would dump their stuff on me and I was left to deal.

I am leaning in on my talent of being a great listener now. I will take that gift to the next level through psychotherapy.

Focusing on what you are good at, what comes naturally to you, will bring you to  the next level. What is your gift?


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