Your 6th Environment the Body

We are not talking about your external body here people. We are talking about our whole bodies! We have got to take care of our bodies from the inside out.

You see the body environment is something that most people don’t think of as an environment. They think that they are their body. And just like you have a mind but you’re not your mind, you have a body and you’re not your body.
And what’s great about the body environment is that if you understand the one that you’ve been given, you can design that environment and the rest of the environments to make you feel a certain way.
So the question to ask yourself right now is does your body wake up every day without an alarm clock? Do you wake up with energy? Do you wake up calm, and centered, and peaceful or do you need an alarm clock that you hit eight or nine times and you wake up with this adrenaline rush right off the day.

This was a really cool way of thinking about the body. When I was married, I put all my energy into making sure my family was completely attended to while also neglecting myself and my bodies need. After my divorce, I understood that by not taking care of my self internally, all the work I was doing for others didn’t really matter. I was a grumpy person in the morning and throughout the day because I wasn’t eating right or sleeping well. I did not exercise the muscle known as the brain anymore and I just was not a awesome person to be around. When I came to understand that, I decided to change it. I began meditation as a means to ground myself and gain a better perspective. I am still a work in progress, but no longer are my days filled with less than gratitude and joy. I took a year off to entertain an abusive relationship but relapses happen and I’m back on the wagon of personal growth and strength.


3 thoughts on “Your 6th Environment the Body

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