Thirsty Thursday AKA Date Night

If we were sharing a glass a wine together I would let you know:

First off, we are sharing some really goodish Bogle Merlot at my place, what’s the haps at your place?

On to some housekeeping: New additions to the site; A cute little site icon has been uploaded so check it out! I have changed things around a bit by adding menus so that you can head straight to the category that you wish, and finally a slight frustration by not being able to access the commons. I clicked the “request access” a few days ago and still not granted. I shall click again.

I had my very first Kung-FU lesson last night. I think I did great, I was able to mimic the movements of the guy whos been there the longest and the Sifu asked me if I have an athletic background because I looked as if I did. I told him yes, 16 years ago! I am proud that I was able to make it through the class and start the process of working on my outer body while continuing to work on the my inner body.

Now on to the Juice, the rant, the gripe or whatever you wish to name it.

I popped my bottle of Merlot for very good reason. I got some rather unexpected but very good news in the mail today!

He is still in the “house”  and will be until at least Oct 21. unless someone gets him out. I hate to feel happy for his solitude, but if I am to be honest with you and with myself, him being on the streets scares the heck out of me. I haven’t moved yet and I’m almost positive my restraining order means nothing to him, as it does to most. For example

According to KRNV-TV, police said the couple had a long history of domestic violence, and Mark Constantino had allegedly kidnapped Debbie Constantino a few months ago. Records indicate he was arrested in August and booked on suspicion of domestic battery by strangulation, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree domestic battery.

This was news today

She, like myself, had a restraining order on him and now unfortunately, they are both gone. I live in that fear. I enjoy the calm of the now, because I do not have to look up at my porch windows before getting out of my car, or  look for light in the back before checking on my laundry. So tonight I celebrate. I celebrate still being alive and I celebrate not looking over my shoulder.

His next hearing, 10/21, will be “a(an) Compliance and Election”


That is where we are as of today. Apparently this means he has not admitted to anything that he has done. I am not surprised, he has severe accountability issues! It’s everyone’s fault but his.

I may go to the hearing so that I can know what is going on but only if I have moved. I hope that I am able to do so.


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