Yup That happened

I drove into the sunset this evening. It was bright and ever fiber of my being told me to jut turn back.


I dropped the kids off at my mother’s house and continued on my way. I couldn’t turn back now, I had already agreed to participate on the day we went to Start on The Street. I knew that if I didn’t, I would just be continuing down the same road and none of my circumstances would change.

IMG_20150920_155444 [1469374]

Every sign that I saw screamed STOP! Why are you doing this?


I did it! I went to that Kung-fu class and I did NOT die! I got complimented on forms I didn’t know and I survived. I held my own! This was the first time I participated in a group physical activity since middle school. Following my own rules and guidelines for changing your life is the hardest thing ever but I am game. I took the first step in redefining my Body Environment 9 Environments of You and I am exhausted.



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