5th Environment Relationships

Don’t look now, we are over halfway there!

This environment is all about your personal relationships with people that are very close to you. Let me tell you a brief story about how important good vibes within your relationships are. As you may have read in any one of my previous posts, I was in a very…. Not So Good relationship. This was possibly the most toxic relationship that I have ever been in, in fact it was THE most toxic relationship I’ve been in! While we were together, I found that my financial environment was in ruin, my personal relationships in ruin, my network nonexistent. my physical environment, you guessed it, a mess! I noticed that when we were “off”, all of those environments thrived, and when we were “on”, those environments had no chance. Once I realized that, I made the choice to make it a permanent off status. I removed the toxicity in my environment and things are looking brighter on a daily basis!


This is arguably the most important environment for me personally. Be mindful of who you’ve chosen to grace your relationship environment because this environment effects all the others!

The relationship environment barring the chosen, are generally people you haven’t chosen, if you  know what I mean. That’s your parents, siblings, children, cousins, etc. These are the ones that will support you through all you go through. This should be your safe space, people you can turn to and lean on. Let’s take care to nurture this environment.

(What you are seeing is my “script” for reminding myself of the positivity in my world. My 9 environments wheel hangs and directly behind me I have my “to-do” list taped to the wall. I write them at night and it’s the first thing I see in the morning. Oh and some affirmations :-))


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