Ahh Network… Welcome to the 4th environment of you

Welcome all! You are a part of my network. Having a good network is essential when you’re in business. Your network allows you to thrive and grow. We all assumed that and it is true.

This environment is very new to me. I never really thought about building a network because I thought I had no reason. I’m not in sales, this blogging is not a “business” for me. But then I realized that it is actually very beneficial for me to grow my network. I do not make money through my blog because I see it as a personal venture to personal growth and a means to maybe help someone if the help is needed however, without a network who’s actually reading my blog? Without a network can I possibly reach someone in need? The answer is; No one! See, I need a network just as much as a profitable salesperson. I am able to better myself and my blog by receiving feedback from readers and also through reading other blogs that I find interesting.


I am on a mission to grow my network as large as possible! I would love to help you grow yours too! So if I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your work, drop you link in the comments so that I may better find my way to your home.


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