Environment #3 Your financial Environment

Ahhh the weekend has come to it’s conclusion and we are embarking on another week. Dare I say, let’s get back to business. Back to the environments of you!!!

Today we examine our financial environment. It’s a common misconception that our financial environment is one and the same as our current bank account status or our now net worth. This is simply not the case. Our financial environment includes those things but we fail to look to our future us. Are you currently setting yourself up for financial security in the next ten years?

Don’t let your bank account define you. It is simply a piece of you… We should take this important environment into consideration though. Do you have a budget? Are you living within your means? Are you choosing to become fiscally responsible?


Currently I am in the process of transforming this environment. I have put a budget in place that will allow me to plan for future purchases and needs. Living on a budget, as you may know, is difficult at times. Sometimes you just want to buy, buy, buy, when you know you don’t need to or should not do so.

I Have a free account with LearnVest that allows me to add accounts and set a budget. This is helpful for me because I am able to see where I need to shave some spending and better keep track of purchases and bills and, yes, income. I also have a free account with CreditKarma. This allows me to watch my credit score rise as I continue on with my newly fiscally responsible self. Both of these are free services which is the best part, because you can’t go over budget on free!!!

Here’s to your financial future!

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