It Started with a Dragon

We headed out to see a demonstration of Kung-Fu today. My cousin has been trying to get me to join her Kung-Fu journey for over a year now. She has also been trying to get my kid to trade Karate for Kung-Fu. I watched her demonstrate with her last time the art show took place. I agreed to take a free class, then came up with a bunch of clever excuses why I could not attend. I am ready now! Ready to embark on a new journey. I will be in attendance Wednesday evening.

IMG_20150920_153653 [1469371]

They gave the children a quick lesson on kicks and punches. My Karate master shouted the whole time, forcing people to notice that he knew what he was doing.

IMG_20150920_154538 [1469377]

They started the demonstration  with a dance of the dragon, she was in the back end of the dragon. That has to be the most difficult position, you can’t see where you’re going.

IMG_20150920_154954 [1469378]

They all took turns leading the pack. I was truly fascinated by this variety of ages.

IMG_20150920_155927 [1469372] IMG_20150920_155925 [1469379]

I can’t wait to go to the trial class so that I can manage to kick start my health.

IMG_20150920_155326 [1469380] IMG_20150920_155648 [1469375]


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