Your Physical Environment.. Environment 2

Happy Friday and welcome to our second environment, our physical environment. This environment is your home and office on a physical level. Do the things in your home and office increase your energy or drain your energy?

My home and office are one and the same. They both need a boost in energy! Previously, I was drained by my home. I would be on the way home and immediately feel an overwhelming sense of dread, I didn’t want to go there. I have sense removed a person that was causing all of this and felt much better but not yet great. I went through my physical environment and found all of the things that I had just been tolerating and removed them. I noticed that I had a great deal of clothing that I never put to use and removed those too!. I rearranged things and organized things, it was a fun time and has definitely added relief to my life.

What, if anything, is draining your energy? Drop a note in the comment section



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