Memetics…. Environments of you

The last post, “How I changed my Life”, was left blank. I felt it more transparent to allow this journey to unfold before your eyes. Today is that day. It is time for change and although the process has begun universally, it shall physically begin today.

It is time to examine the 9 environments of you and I. I encouraged you to join in the process. It will prove to be successful and empowering.


Let’s start by examining environment #1, the memetic environment. This is your belief system, ideas, knowledge, cultural norms, and general outlook on life.

When you have positive memetic system, you tend to look upon the other environments in a more positive light. So let us look at our beliefs today and work towards ensuring that they are positive. Making sure that your belief system is supporting you is paramount! It is all about figuring out what you believe and if you have grown out of your previous beliefs allow them to fade away because it no longer supports you.

Change your beliefs and you will change your life!


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