Date Night….. Wine Time

If we were sharing a glass a wine together I would let you know

I am pleasantly exhausted today, so ready for sleep! My day was filled with work, work, and more work but I needed some “us time” so I stayed up to write this post. I added something new to the site;

Date Night. I think it is a great idea to have a date night with you. A co-ed gathering of sorts where we chit chat about the mundane and the exciting. Where we are allowed to share with each other on an even more personal level. I like connecting on a deeper level so, join in by commenting! If you have a blog that I managed to miss somehow drop it in the date night comments. Got some ideas for topics? Drop’em in the box!

blogs I follow. You’ll find this new addition to the right of your screen (on the pc). I follow many so I will rotate the list weekly. I thought I had it there the whole time because that is generally one of the first widgets I add to a blog. I think it a necessary feature because I would love for you to find out more about my personality by what I read.

I hope that you find a blog or two over there that serves you in some way, shape, or form. Maybe even make another friend!

Hugs and lots of kisses

Now that I’ve done a bit of housekeeping on to the fun.

The Soul Selects Her Own Society ~~ Emily Dickinson

The Soul selects her own Society–

Then—shuts the door—

To her divine Majority—

Present no more—


Unmoved—she notes the Chariots—pausing—

At her low Gate—

Unmoved—an Emperor be kneeling

Upon her Mat—


I’ve known her—from an ample nation—

Choose One—

Then—close the Valves of her attention—

Like Stone—

I enjoy this poem so much. I did not study poetry in a formal way and I interpret the poems in my own unique way. Tell me what you think this poem says. What does this mean?


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