Fork in the Road. Choose the Hearts Path

I have been listening to The Ultimate Law of Attraction audio book as you may already know. While I was listening to this audio book in my car a thought popped into my head, how did I change my life? If you read through this blog from the beginning you would, hopefully, be able to paint a slight picture of my life as it was. I have been embarking on a journey of self discovery and doing much problem solving along the way. I enjoy the discovering part and I have to admit I am fairly decent at the problem solving.



When I stumble upon a mind altering road block, I usually take myself out of the environment that causes the block (usually home). The other day I introduced the boys to my favorite of all places in the world. This is the place I would go to think things over and make plans with my bestie since the age of probably 15. Bancroft Tower. At this, place on a clear winter night, it feels like you can see the entire city, the entire world. I thought is would be fun for them to see this place. They enjoyed it a lot. Climbing on the small structures and posing like wrestling superstars. Of course they wanted to go inside but due to the destructive behaviors of others, I assume, the entry ways are locked.



After we have had our fill, we headed over to the park to let out some more energy.

IMG_20150906_162232Yesterday I got the letter I had been waiting for since 2013. I was shocked because I never really thought I would get it. I had given up hope. Moreover, I had extinguished my passion for the field without even trying. I wondered why I never really spoke IMG_20150912_172359with excitement about it and why I had every excuse in the book about reasons why this field wouldn’t work anymore. It was simple, I no longer felt the same way about it. I have been seeing a lot on the news and hearing and reading a lot about how seriously segregated this field is from the world. The us versus them mentality is bad now. Thinking about all of this and having this letter in my hand brought me to tears. I was sad. I needed to think and my childhood place of thought was no longer sufficient. I decided, this time, to head of to the summit. 2006 feet up should be good enough to clear my mind. I mentioned before that I am on a journey, this journey is one to find out who I am at this point in my life. Who I am today is not who I was in 2013 when I took that test, and it is most certainly not who I was in 2010 when I decided that the only thing I wanted to do is protect and serve. I still want to “protect and serve” but more on a mental level. I have discovered that my passion is people. Listening, helping, and sharing with people. I want to help people figure out what the issue is and conquer it gracefully. Counseling is my field.

IMG_20150912_181210It took 2006 feet and pictures at 40 miles per hour to find out  IMG_20150912_174934

That I am standing on solid ground. I thank you for the opportunity but I must respectfully decline.


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