What do you think of this cover?

While listening to “The Talk” as I was completing the administration portion of my morning work, I heard them mention a controversy about a plus size model on the cover of a fitness magazine. I tuned in. I looked around the internet a bit and didn’t find a lot of negative reactions. Admittedly I didn’t search a great deal, just looked around BuzzFeed and twitter. Everything seemed positive mostly. There was one negative comment. I found it to be very rude and judgmental. When posed with a question, the commenter had zero answers! Of course because, how do you really know? So here is the cover. What do you think about this cover? What is your position on this topic? Here is what Monica from the UK thinks



New Malden, Bromley, United Kingdom
I’m sick of all of this political correctness rubbish. Lets stop justifying fat or “curvy” in its PC term. The woman is fat, not curvy. Let’s stop pretending that fat is healthy and attractive. I bet the model doesn’t even run! I would not pick up a health or sports magazine promoting and encouragingbeing overweigh. Though the thought of being that overweight would give me motivation to exercise as I wouldn’t want to look like that. The model is not healthy or a normal size, she’s overweight and should loose weight, face it! I exercise because I want to loose weight and be healthy not to be overweigh. Otherwise what’s all the hard work for?

Oh, here we go. I knew the concern trolling would kick in somewhere.

New Malden,
Trolling and having an opinion are not the same thing
How do you know she is unhealthy? and what if she is, does that not allow her to be dignified in her efforts? Not everyone who works out is looking to lose weight or look a certian way, THis isn’t encouraging being overweight, it’s acknowledging people of plus size who jog,

New Malden,
she is very overweight and its common knowledge that being overweight is unhealthy. it can lead to diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, increase the risk some cancers etc. everyone knows that stuffing your face with junk food isnt healthy and I doubt that model just eats fruit and veg unless she’s trying to loose weight. what’s the point of exercise if its to remain overweight? what’s all the hard work for when you could achieve being overweight with as little effort as possible? isn’t the point of exercise to improve your body, to see results, to look better? that model does not loo

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