Take your kid off the leash please

Listening to The Ultimate law of attraction audio book that I got a couple of days ago. I listen to a couple of chapters a day. Chapter five was on in the car this morning but I had to stop it because they moved on to a visualization exercise. I returned to it this evening and the only thing that I could visualize was my children, I have three. They are all 9 but not triplets! My twins were born at 32 weeks and 3 pounds each, and my oldest (haha) will not turn ten until the end of October.

I talk about the Ultimate law of Attraction because of the visualization exercise brought to me to my children and then very quickly to a conversation that we had on the way home from school one day. We saw a mother walking down the street with her child who appeared to be around 6. She had a leash on the child!children_on_a_leash_15 My kids asked me about the leash and I told them that I didn’t agree with it. When they were that age (keeping in mind, one child has PDD-NOS) I had them hold hands and we stopped whenever the chain was broken. Baby B said that he has see this leash on kid thing before. I do not understand why people would do that. In my opinion, leashes are for pets that you walk, not children. What do you think about this child leash situation? askcrazytown@aol.com


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