Things I have Learned

Things I have learned.
I signed up to take part in the writing 101 course offered by WordPress. You can never really learn too many things in this life.
Todays challenge was to make a list. The options for the list are as follows
*Things I like
*Things I’ve Learned
*Things I wish
I, naturally, went with, Things I have learned. This is because I have learned so much throughout my 32 years of living.  I have chosen to keep this list short by giving myself a 15 item max because otherwise this could go on a while.
Let’s begin:
1. compassion
2. empathy
3. my self-worth. When I was much younger, I really didn’t have anyone on “team Me”. No mentors or people telling me that I was actually worth something. It took a long time to figure out that I was worth so much more than I once thought. I have a lot of valuable skills and talents and abilities. Basically I bring a lot to the table. The greatest part is that I am more than willing to bring others to that level of self-worth.
4. to love myself. This one seems pretty simple but have you seen that twerking video? Yep that there is a lack of self-worth and self-love. There are so many videos out there of females that are just saying my only worth is my body and I only love attention.


5. I’m good at giving advice
6. how to de-escalate and argument to match someone’s personality in order to get through to them in their way
8. I will make a great cop
9. I am a natural at being attentive
10. most people are not mean, just have some processing to do
11. I love to learn
12. I am a natural massage therapist
13. I have the ability to be an extrovert as well as an introvert
14. I love to help others
15. I will always be okay

I think #15 is by far the most important life lesson of all time! I once feared going to interviews because there was always a sense of “what if they don’t hire me?” I would feel sick for hours before the interview and I can remember one time when I actually turned my car around and left! Now, well I think about the jobs that I have had and the interviews that did not conclude in employment and you know what, I lived. Nothing bad happened. I think about how scared I was when my ex-husband moved out leaving me with no job and three kids… Guess what, that was more than 6 years ago and I am doing much better now, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically(I suffered from migraine headaches at that time) than when we were together. We always think the world will end if _______<—— insert any situation, but we move past it and we survive.


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