Here is what you may not have known

Hello world!

^^^Did you like that?^^^ I have always liked that! I have been blogging for very many years on and off. I have been working on and working through this blog since about March of this year. I say working through because, I use this blog to process lots of my thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects. This blog is not just and outlet, it’s an open and ongoing therapy session.

I try to post just about everyday, more than once on days that I am really “in my feelings”.

My goal with this blog is to develop a comfort level about my words, thoughts, emotions, and maybe even find where I may be bias on some topics. I am doing this because I will be a life coach, and I think the first step is knowing yourself and being comfortable with yourself. At this point I am somewhat comfortable. I write some very personal things that I hope someone in the world can relate to and maybe even feel less alone about and I hope that some day someone will ask some advise (I’ve had many experiences and a wealth of resources).

Where my comfort faults, is in “how public” my public diary is. I share it with Twitter, Google+, path and Tumblr but that is very recent to me. I have not yet reached the Facebook level. I think I have a fear of personal judgement from family members. I do have family members on those other social networks but I doubt they click through. Facebook is a big step and my goal is to incorporate it within the next 3 months.

This blog, or my diary, is just that… A diary! it is a basic reflection of my days, life, feelings, and opinions. The focus is life sometimes love, sometimes kids, sometimes work, often therapy, and always…. the pursuit of happiness, taking my life to the next level, learning from failures, and personal growth.


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