Guess what Today is……. yup It’s TOMORROW

If you haven’t read my rant yesterday about the bed bug fiasco and the drama from the ex, head on over and catch up real quick.

We ended the Facebook conversation by him saying;

I’m not doing this, I already said my plan, I’m trying to not argue. You just want to fight with me today, right now. The boys are fine right now, that are not in my infested house. I’ll talk to tomorrow about it if you want to.

I went on to explain all of the other things that would occur “tomorrow” or “soon” to which he said I was being an ass. An ass about my kids being bitten and the possibility of my home getting these bedbugs. Right… Makes sense… I’m the one being an ass.


Well would you guess I have yet to hear from him? Yup it’s been almost 24 hours since we ended our conversation and still no word. My frustration comes from the selfie of him and his girlfriend on Facebook. Like really? you have bedbugs in your home, primarily where your children sleep and instead of resolving the issue you have time to pretend that you’re chillin’. I always wondered why people didn’t just have amicable relationships with exes for the wellbeing of the children. I have found my reason to be less amicable. You want to act as if this situation is no big deal, they will not be sleeping over until I and I ALONE feel as if the environment is a sanitary one.


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