Good NIght, Seep Tight, Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

3 weeks later, I have had enough.

It’s been 3 weeks of inactivity and I’m done with it. Three weeks ago kids go to dad’s, I pick them up after the weekend has ended and one kid has a swollen ear. I freaked out and immediately called the doctor. They said, no immediate appointments, to head straight to urgent care. I dropped the other two back off at dads and went. They said cellulitis, take these antibiotics. Don’t really know what that means but, okay, will do. I get the other two and the prescription for meds and head home. Later that evening I noticed another kid had a knuckle swollen 3 times it’s normal size. I call dad, what the heck is going on? Were they fighting? there are a few swollen spots on all the kids. I decided to see how the knuckle looked the following day, because it was late and he said it wasn’t painful (and it wasn’t hot to the touch). Next day, swelling gone.


The following Thursday, dads day. I talked to him about what looked like bug bites on all the kids and he came back with 17 million different reasons but none of which centered on them being over his place. They go over Thursday without bites/marks/bumps. I pick them up Friday, bumps on all kids! Dad what the hell! figure out what is going on at your place because I don’t want the getting eaten alive by whatever is lurking in that backroom.

“Did you check if you cat has fleas” Really. I live there and don’t have a single bump. My cat is an indoor cat with a freaking flea collar to boot. Oh and there is one tiny detail; THEY COME OVER WITHOUT THIS CRAP ON THEIR ARMS LEGS AND BACK!

IMG_20150904_150603 IMG_20150904_150641

This Thursday, they went to dads. I picked them up Friday morning to bring them to school. I noticed one kid had a cluster of bumps on his forehead. I took a picture, sent it to day at 8am and sent them on their way. After school, I had them change from their uniforms as usual and noticed bumps covering that same kid. I photographed every inch of him because they are everywhere. I also took picks of the two huge hot bumps on another kid. Sent those pictures to dad and said. I’m done. They will not be sleeping over your house anymore. I don’t know what is going on there and you obviously don’t want to check it out so they will not be sleeping over anymore. He responded with, “I’m at work, I can’t talk now”. I told him, “fine, we will talk after”. By 8pm I still hadn’t heard anything from him. The longest retail shift in the world I guess. At 11 this morning I get a message, about reception sucks at his girlfriends house, he would call me from her phone soon.

I guess it’s more important for him to hang out with his girlfriend and her children than it is to make sure the environment that his own children are in is safe. I guess it’s really not that big of a deal that he will no longer have them sleeping over. I can only assume that he doesn’t care.

I haven’t been a mean or resentful ex-wife. Never have I restricted the amount of time they can spend together and I am flexible when things need to be changed on the fly. It’s truly all about the kids. That being said, it’s not a sanitary environment and I will not let this continue even though it will make them angry. It’s up to him to make it safe but he chooses to spend the time up his girlfriends ass. Good luck with that one.


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