Don’t mind me, I’m just reflecting on the day


I am feeling kind of saucy tonight. No kids, no shirt, and an inexpensive bottle of wine. I ran around a lot today because school needed some tax return stuff and other material that I really should have taken care of months ago. I skirted a couple of phone calls and worked this evening. I got a cheap camera from Walmart, that really messed my night up! I have to re-chase these houses because I didn’t change the time and date on the time stamp.

I was feeling kind of lonely today and thought of what it would be like to have a companion back in my world. Then I remembered that the last guy I was with was an abusive alcoholic and a secret drug addict. The last guy I talked to, talked as if women were super below guys and then there was the “I will only know if we will hit it off if we have sex” guy. Oh I can’t forget captain immature and whiny who is still texting me. I will take my wine and Netflix and chill.

I know that some day Mr. right and I will stumble across each other and I am certainly willing to wait for that day. When I find that person that is completely on my wavelength I will be ecstatic. Until then, Netflix and Chill Alone it is!


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