Ok so let us talk about it, shall we?


I have just finished working for the day and decided to take a scroll down my Facebook timeline. Now recently there has been a dramatic increase in race relations as far as African American and Caucasian Americans go. I have felt this tension building for quite some time with all of the media being centered around it. I have tried and tried to push past the topic because, let’s face it, I am black and my children are mixed (black and white) inevitably this topic must be discussed because they are growing up on both sides of the issue.

Let us talk about this new one please? Laughing while black. A group of book club members, all black, were kicked off of a train because they were laughing too loud and a couple of people complained.

I shutter to think that this is actually what happened. I mean really? Laughter has upset someone to the point of complaint? when did the world lose it’s sense of humor?

I would love to have your thoughts on this issue.

More to come!


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