That was Quick. Open processing.

I just figured out what to do about my amazing opportunity for policing. This is a response to a text I received. I didn’t expect to come to a decision just yet but I am glad that I did. I still have a few days to process this decision and it will be heavily debated on Thursday. But so far I am so good with it

Text messages with **********************

I don’t know. I just think that everyone is how they are for one reason or another and if we can figure out why we do the things we do we can learn from them. for example, I used to fight a lot when I was younger. I always knew I was angry but just couldn’t give that anger a voice. It was just “acting out” I later (my delta friend and I) figured out that I was so angry because I couldn’t understand the death of my father and sister, I felt unheard by the world and especially my mother and I just needed someone to listen to me. eventually I forgave myself for all of the negative things I did in my youth and forgave all who I felt hurt by. I grew up, I finally became an adult at 28 lol. But now I allow others to cross lines and boundaries because I know that there is something deeper going on and I think I can be able to help in some way. hence the murderer. Literally just made my decision, I can’t be a cop, I have to be a psychologist.

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