Chase away the nostalgia

I have been completely obsessed with Army Wives for the past few days. I am currently into season 4! I find so much nostalgia popping up when I watch it because 2010-2012 were years I just can’t push past. If there is anyone out there that watches the show, please take notice of Chase! I think about their relationship, Chase and Pamela’s, and I have just now noticed that I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it.

I asked him to leave in 2011 and was told six months. That six months turned into one and a half years before I finally had enough. I have been sitting here the past couple of days wishing I didn’t let it go. I think I was severely hooked to this show when they showed Chase with a scruffy face


Boy, I used to love to just stare at him when he had to have all of that facial hair. Man I miss that man! But to think of just sitting here for days, weeks even, without hearing anything, I just couldn’t do it. A girl can dream.


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