Taking back my life from the Bees

Irrational fears come in many shapes and sizes, but the fact remains the same… It’s irrational! I went out on my porch this morning and saw 3 bees flying around. I started to wonder if a hive was being constructed. I noticed the windows were open without the screen which would allow the bees to enter. I almost wanted to flee the scene. I started thinking about how much it would hurt if those bees stung me and quickly went inside. From that moment, this morning, I started o think about what I hated most about the summer time… Bees.


Little, yellow, noisy, buzzing bees! I run from them, they strike fear in my heart…. but why?

I searched for the answer to that question and came up with the answer. The fear I have for bees and many other insects is completely irrational! I was stung by a bee ONCE! I was young, very young. I was on a school bus headed to six flags amusement park with a church group. A bee must have flown in the window and was shooed away by many of the kids on the bus. It just so happened to have been shooed in my direction and landed on my uncovered thigh and stung me. This was a natural reaction for the bee, a defense. From that moment on I developed the fear and held on to that fear until this very day.

No more! I plan to examine every fear that I have all bottled up inside because I can’t live like this. I don’t want to hate summer, hate experiences, hate opportunities due to a fear that may be totally made up and completely irrational.

I think everyone should examine what they are afraid of and make at least a small attempt to work through it.. You no longer need the fear, it does not serve you.


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