Gun Happy

I had the absolute best day ever! I mean, I just had so much adult “happy time”. My friend was brave enough to accept my offer of shooting at a gun range. I picked a date and we committed. All in all it was a great time for me. She still wasn’t into the whole gun thing, but I am so happy that I went. We didn’t stay a very long time because we were both very nervous and decided on just one box of ammo. I think I shot fairly well considering I hadn’t shot at a range since 2001. The staff there were helpful and cute which was a bonus. I am pretty sure I am going back and I convinced her that she should as well!


I just felt so liberated with the gun in my hands. I had a huge amount of power in this little tiny package and I felt safe. It seems odd to be around such firepower and feel safe but the people there seemed okay. Admittedly I was in a little bit of shock at first. It was loud and every pop sent a chill up my spine, but after emptying my first clip into the target, I was able to block out all of the background noise and fire on.

IMG_79653840245940 IMG_79513000739952

I’m pretty sure he was checking out my butt.


Manchester Firing Line Range Facebook Page

I think I needed this day to happen. I needed to get a lot of things off of my mind and I was able to do so. The drive up was an impromptu counseling session  for me and the shooting helped blow off the residual steam.


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