Not the Happiest Place on Earth

I am unbelievably tired of all of the violence that has been going on around me. Everyday in this city there is another incidence of violence. There are shootings and stabbings and everything in between. I though once I ended my relationship I could live a little bit more at peace, this is not the case. I have actually been living in fear and confusion since he has been out of the home. Every loud bang sends chills up and down my spine. I don’t know if I should duck or look for sparklers in the sky. I will not leave my place of residence after the sun has set and that is no way to live.

The most recent act of violence that I have read has been a home invasion. At least two were shot. This sucks! not only do I not want to leave at night, I also don’t want to be here alone at night. What would I be able to do to defend my home, my children, if someone were to get into my home with firearms? I have no means of defending myself and to make matters worse, it is next to impossible for me to gain those means of self defense because of this city! I have had it up to my ears.


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