The battle continues

Life. It should be fluid.

I swear I’m going through a midlife crisis. I feel like I’m too young for that, but I have no other way to describe the constant changes that I am creating. I have to try hard not to allow myself to succumb to the stress because, I am creating these stresses myself.

I just registered for classes for the summer. I have decided to put an end to my whimsical massage thoughts and come full circle to where I had originally began.

Here is my life/educational path;

I was in the process of getting a divorce when I decided to further my education and forge some career my children could be proud of and that I could enjoy. I wanted to be a counselor. Didn’t matter what type of counseling I chose because I can relate well with just about anyone from infant to elderly to addicts just looking for some sort of support. I thought that I would love to freelance my counseling services so I had better get a business degree. I don’t really know how or when medical office buried itself into my head, but somewhere during my business adventure, I switched over to medical office. That change, I regretted almost immediately.I moved on to Criminal Justice, which I fell in love with, and dove deep into policing. Now I have crossed the barrier to oldsville and am unable to reach that dream and thought i would possibly enjoy the world of massage therapy. Never once did I think I would be forced to undress in school . I can’t find myself getting comfortable doing that so I am about to bow out. Now what? Back to the beginning, Human Services. I start on the 6th.

I am going to take this midlife crisis by the horns and get through it gracefully


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