What do you do when the 3rd floor doesn’t exist in a 6 story building? You Leave!

I can hardly stand the amount of craziness that surrounds me in this creepy creepy place! Today I came in to work and all of the weird things that I thought had passed, had resurfaced. Banging in the room 104, People that are just nuts, weird weird folks. Even one with a personal assistant!

Back to the meat and potatoes I guess. So I’m doing my preliminary walk of the area and when I reached the dreaded lodge, I saw a pink polka dot balloon on the floor. I left the balloon on the ground because I figured whichever little girl happened to have dropped it, would surely want to come back for it at some point. I walked the lodge and kept it moving. I went up the elevator to the sixth floor, as I usually do, and began checking doors for locked status. I get down to the thrid floor and low and behold there was that freaking balloon


I immediately turned my butt around and headed back to the stairs, the third floor will not be walked today! Or so I thought, hoped and, dreamed.

I get back to the lobby after completing the first of four rounds and the other clerk stops me and asks me if I can bring “these guests” up to 3119 because their keys were not working and she wasn’t sure why, but wanted to make sure that they were able to get in the room. I could not say no, it’s my job!

We get up to the third floor and there is the dreaded balloon sitting there, taunting me. I grabbed it up and proceeded to walk them to the other end of the floor. I watched as they tried their key and successfully entered the room. Exit stage left. Stairwell to the safety of the lobby for this girl.

I entered the first floor on the opposite end then when I went up so I had to walk the first floor and pass by the elevator. Anyone who has paid any attention to any elevator in the world (over exaggeration) knows that the light on the number indicates which floor the elevator happens to be on. If you remember, I took the elevator to the third floor, so logically the light should be on the third floor, right? Wrong!!!


No lights at all! The third floor does not exist I guess. I noticed, when the guests and I were waiting for the elevator, that the lights totally skipped the third floor. I brushed it off because I didn’t even want to think about it. Now I had no choice but to dwell on it. Before you ask, YES the lights do work, generally speaking.



And before you think that maybe a bulb is out on the light for the third floor, I doubt it, you want to know why? Well because on the inside, it doesn’t light 3, and before you tell me “well duh”, the other freaking elevator has the same exact third floor darkness as this one!!!

I’m sooooo done with this place.


5 thoughts on “What do you do when the 3rd floor doesn’t exist in a 6 story building? You Leave!

  1. This is not the first time I have heard of this. I almost wonder if it is an intentional superstition. I was in a hotel about a year ago in Maryland, pretty nice one, too and it had like 20 floors. But in the elevator there was no 13th floor. Seriously. It just did not exist. But I have also heard of certain floors just not lighting up on elevators or simply jjst not being there. It’s odd.


    • That is odd! and come to think of it, I have heard of another hotel that had no 13th floor. I know the 3rd exists because I access it from the stairs, I just don’t know why it’s so creepy and why they don’t light it up. I always feel like I’m being watched up there


    • The 3rd floor and 4th floor,13th floor, 14th floor mostly DO NOT exist on most business buildings or hotel AROUND THE WORLD, it is COMMON things that most people know (is fine if you don’t), is called Tetraphobia, where these numbers symbolized things, 13 people attended The Last Supper, 4 rhymes with death in China. However, doesn’t mean all those number will disappear in a single building.

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      • Interesting.. You’re right.. That is something I would never have thought of.. I get the thought on 13 but 3, 4, and 14.. Do not make much sense to me as far as fear of is concerned. Maybe that is why I have an irrational avoidance of the #4… Something to think about.


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