Life of a Tattoo Wife

Not terribly sure what to do. I am so super proud of him for following through with his goals of tattooing. I remember when we met a year ago this coming 16th and he told me he was a tattoo artist. I had never seen him tattoo. He talked about it a lot and expressed how much he wanted to pursue what he once maintained as a career. There was once a time when he was under the impression that I was less than supportive of his dream and we got into a major “debate” about what constitutes support. Either way, he is actually doing it, in fact has been at it for two days straight. This is a great confidence builder for him because he has people banging down the door, however, I feel like I haven’t seen him in two days. I don’t know how to express to him how I feel without him thinking that I’m not being supportive of his craft. I just feel like my only means of talking, communicating, has been limited to classmates and my blog.

The problem with those two outlets are;

  • classmates, I would not ever get too personal with, it’s just this weird quirk about myself that keeps most people at a very great distance
  • this blog, it’s so very new and because it’s so new, there are not many bouncing thoughts, concepts, or even casual conversation yet.

I just feel like I’m lacking some sort of communication and I am afraid that this will run for a while at least.

My opinion on the matter is that he should simply schedule things out, allowing time for family, we are a very new family and are just starting to get things on track. There is nothing wrong with better managing your time so that relationships don’t suffer in the end. I’m in class from 8:30-2:30 and the boys are until 3 and he’s been tattooing from sometime mid/early day until after the kids have gone to bed and they go to bed at 9pm.

I’m not going to sweat it so much because it is his dream coming true before my very eyes, which is awesome. I’m just going to hope that he doesn’t burn himself out, for one, and for two, maybe he will block out some time for me and the boys where it’s not a kiss on piss breaks.


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