To Dread or not to dread?

I have been contemplating dreadlocks! He has been asking me to “lock” his hair for a few months now, I’m been so very against it. The concept scared me a little. There are so many questions about dreadlocks hair care, I can’t even begin to list them.

Image result for dreadlocksImage result for dreadlocksImage result for dreadlocks

This, I think is cute as heck!!! See why I want them? But then there is always the thought that I won’t be able to pull the look off, or that I won’t be able to achieve this look… Ugh what to do, what to do…

I do not know what to do because I am kind of craving the naturalness of it. I think once I get over the fear of change I will be better able to make a decision, besides, I haven’t relaxed my hair in over a year now and I am really tired of not knowing what to do with it. I wear it in a scarf 90% of the time so its not like I will have the awkward beginning stages. The fear comes from the idea that if I decide to not have dreads in a year, I’ll most likely have to cut it all off.


2 thoughts on “To Dread or not to dread?

  1. Off and on through the years I have pondered getting dreads but I fear ultimately I would look stupid or it won’t compliment my face or something. It does suck cause once you’re over it you pretty much do have to cut it. And I know from people who had/have them they say they do end up smelling at times. It’s just a lot of care. But look pretty cool.


    • My fear is mainly having to cut it all off. I know a lot of people with dreads and haven’t heard odor mentioned. I would assume proper care is mandatory for that because, well it is compacted hair. I think after watching a ton of YouTube videos of the process I’m holding off for now:D


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