Challenge failed

I signed up to take a 30 day challenge the other day created by Collective Evolution. This challenge is pretty much learning to live and be with yourself for an hour, uninterrupted. Although I think this would be a very productive challenge, I think that my life may be too busy at this point. I work these over nights and try to sleep the day away when off. I go to school Monday-Thursday and that leaves the rest of the time for children and home. I love having alone time and so this is in fact the perfect challenge for me, I wish I could do it! I think that I would not be able to commit to all 30 of the days. The weekends would be horribly difficult and the only day that I think I could manage to squeeze some me-time would be Friday mornings. I do miss being able to just reflect on the day or meditate or just curl up with a blanket and something to read (haven’t done that in years).

As an self diagnosed introvert, I am craving some alone time. Time to just recharge and feel just my energy.

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