world’s dumbest criminals

Tonight was the most exciting, adrenalin fueled night at western… I was sitting in the office completely all of my homework for school when two gentlemen entered. I stayed put because I really didn’t want to help check them in. I was watching their reflection through the glad and I noticed that suspect A, “Benny” was shaking uncontrollably. That was my cue to head over. He had a ton of lesions over his visible body, grossed me out! He was sweating profusely and shaking like a leaf. I knew I didn’t want them here but the clerk kept trying to check them in. His credit cards were all declining, which was the perfect excuse to turn them away but she kept lowering the amount to try and get them in. Suspect B asked to use the restroom. Something told me earlier this evening not to lock the hall bathrooms like usual.. I’m guessing this was it. Suspect B went to find the bathrooms and came back a while later. With a no go on the cards the men left. Suspect B came back after five minutes and looked around the lobby and they exchanged words in Spanish through the door and left the premises. I went to start my rounds and upon racing the hall bathrooms I spot a white ball on the floor


They seemed to have dropped their drugs. I returned to the lobby, told the clerk to lock the door and call the police. The police came and we explained the situation and I showed him around. He left and five minutes later the suspects returned!!! They came top a locked door and didn’t put up too much of a fight to get in. Police were called again of course..

Sucks for them because

1. They lost their stuff

2. The police are driving by frequently now

3. We have all of their info because they were checking in!!

Armed with license, address, full name, I hope the police are able to apprehend them and they can get some much needed help.


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