Going Western and Crazy at the same time

Back at it again I guess. In fact, I am so shocked that I wasn’t more adamant about finding a new job seeing how I’m still shocked by last weekend. One would think that I would have immediately quit this place and kept it moving. I mean, that was a very heavy weekend for sure. I still do not know how to process this place, this job, this choice I have made. I think that I may have stayed on this weekend because I need to see how some things shake out. No matter how bad I crave being home, I need to know that I can be away from home and home not fall apart. It’s pretty safe to say that home almost burned to the ground last weekend. I just need to be sure that those fires have been put out and there are no “flames” or “extreme heat” left and this is the only way.

Anyhow, I am back at hotel kill me now and some interesting things have been discovered. There are some rowdy youth in one of the rooms, they have already received some noise complaints! There is a lady somewhere that has a pit bull. Sounds like its not such a big deal but I think she told the front desk that no one should enter her room because the dog is a rescue and would certainly bite or “give someone a run for their money”. The girl that gave me this information says “if that dog bites me, I’m going to sue her”, I wanted to inform her that it’s more likely that the hotel would be held liable because they allowed her to stay here with said dog.

I’m dreading this evening, but I just keep saying to myself that it will be over in no time and I will be fast asleep.

a8d5cc62c6ce64648d1cc25fb1d9d002I saw this the other day and needed to add it here. I think that people make the most mistakes when they underestimate others. I, for sure, should never be underestimated. People should probably assume I know everything. I am a mom and the moment you become a mom you grow eyes in the back of your head.

On top of being a mother, I am very intuitive. I feel so much, so often. I dream a lot and only remember the relevant ones. Repetitive dreams usually mean more than anything. I caution other, I should come wrapped in caution tape.


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