The color of ignorance

Everyone clap your hands in advance… I got an A on my first test in college survival skills. That’s awesome and definitely going to be a boost for my GPA throughout this whole thing however, it definitely means that she did not actually read and grade it appropriately. There were some answers that I just wrote complete nonsense on because it was more than difficult to put into words some common sense

“Colored people” OMG I can’t even believe what I am currently hearing. This girl is talking about “colored people” actually using the term colored people. She of course used the term “not that I have a problem with colored people…..blah…blah…blah… good workers”. “Now she’s hiring all colored people”. I so want to punch her in the face! It’s a great thing that I am an adult and realize that some people are just uneducated and have a lack of commonsense. I won’t even correct her, and that is people mean of me because, after all, she does work with the “colored people” and with her ability to speak this way in front of a “colored person” means that she will, undoubtedly, speak this way in front of her new “colored” workers.

I think there is a fundament disconnect there somehow, to be a “colored person” (Hispanic of some variety) and not realize that you, my dear, are in fact one of those “colored people”, is surely a problem. She could probably benefit from an ethics class in her college experience and good luck on that career in the medical field.


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