Tales from the crypt of 104

There has got to be a full moon tonight! I really think that I may have made a ruched decision with accepting this night audit position, whats worse is that there is only one person that I feel like I could work with. The two following; old lady grumpy pants and super young emo chick, are just not on my level. There isn’t even a hint of causal conversation from the one i’m currently working with and when I try to engage, she seems like she could explode. I can’t even relate to her with her entertainment choices, I have no idea about WWE.

Enough about that. I can sit for eight hours anywhere, find my own source of entertainment, I mean hell, I did night security alone in a small shack for a while, I closed the post office alone for a while, and I worked 3rd shift at a gas station for quite some time. The part that is sending me screaming for the hills is the creep factor of this place. I have watched a lot of paranormal tv and they are usually set in old ass houses and old hotels. I currently work in a old hotel. I have to check a variety of areas in the hotel 4 times a night, one area is room 104. I walked in the room and noticed that the light was on, counted the carts and then decided to check the sliding glass door. I walk across the room and peek out, nothing. I turn around and take about three steps and then there was a huge crash inside the room. I don’t know what fell or why it fell but it sent my heart out of my throat!!! Yes I hurried out of that space.

My plan for this evening is to get my studying done for my first medical terminology test, tomorrow and watch some Netflix. I will pretend to do three more checks but tomorrow, when I finally wake from my comma, I’m looking for another job. There has to be a bunch of places that are looking for weekend help.


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