9-5’s are for the week<—-Ha Ha get it?

I can not believe that I actually made it through yesterday. I was so exhausted and up for more than 24 hours. I wanted nothing more than to be in my bed with him sleeping the whole day away. I was able to sleep until 4 this afternoon and I was so grateful for that. I woke up to a clean house and a smiling face! I felt almost as if it were my birthday again.

Today was also a kids first karate test. It went from about 5 until 7 tonight. I thought, for some reason, that they would call the children one by one and sort of quiz them (physically of course) on the techniques that they should have gained up and until this point, but it was reminiscent to a standard class that I watch weekly. At this end of this class, however, they had a wrestling match with the kids and that was fun to watch. They then performed the name calling ceremony and had the kids throw their previous belts in the air.

I am currently at work… Fun graveyard-shift chaos… I hate the fact that I chose to do this, but as with anything that you do not like doing; there is a opportunity lesson in here somewhere, The lady that I am working with has a reputation of being…. well… a real asshole. I totally see where they’re all coming from. But hey, I can get through anything.

In this moment, I’m cold, tired, hungry and miss the comforts of my home.


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