Meditate over madness

Three cheers for new beginnings!!! Wait, we’ve been here before haven’t we?

In just 11 1/2 hours I have an interview for a night audit position. I am betting on the fact that I will get based solely on the hours; 11pm-7am Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I have never done any night auditing before lol so this should be fun! The purpose of this switch is to free up my days so that I can go to school during the day(shhh nobody knows) and cart the, very active, boys around at night.

There has also been a new beginning on the relationship front; no I haven’t killed him and he, obviously hasn’t killed me just yet. We have just decided to fight, fight, fight, for days and eventually the explosion and now the beginning. We both have a lot to work on but just maybe it’ll all work out in the end.

I, personally, have got to dive right into getting back to myself. Somewhere along the way I lost myself and my happiness and I couldn’t hear my spirit guides through the yelling and screaming. I have completely stopped meditating and have reverted to sleeping with the TV on! I guess I went back to 2009-10.

I was filled with joy and energy today when my 9 year old told me that after brushing his teeth tonight, he was going to set the timer for two minutes and meditate, so I asked if I could join him. I am often surprised when a child can snap you back to reality. I thought I had no time for it, he showed me that I did. We plan to meditate for 5 tomorrow morning after brushing.

That was a very short two minutes but it filled me with so much energy and joy.

Until tomorrow.


         Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation


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