Sheeeeee’s Baaaaack

Oh my goodness, it’s been so long. I had been majorly discouraged from writing for quite a few reasons, but I figured now is the perfect time to develop that “…and…so???” attitude that I should have gotten as soon as I reached adulthood. I have always been one of those “make nice”, “spare feelings”, kind of person… and yeah, I’m over it.
I think this is the perfect platform for expressing my feelings, thoughts, and rants. By doing so, I am less likely to hold on to them and explode like a shaken carbonated beverage.

On to some more important topics; I’ve decided to go back to school!! yay! massage therapy of course. I thought about culinary and seriously considered accounting but after a visit to the school, I settled on massage. I plan to open a business right after completion, the instructor told me that the reason placement is at 100% is because most of the students jump right into their own business after graduation. I haven’t told very many people about this new adventure for obvious reasons such as; discouragement and gossip. You see, I have a degree in Criminal Justice (Science) that I haven’t done anything with, haven’t even used it to get a job that requires a degree of any sort. My goal with that focus was to become a Private Investigator but in my state and probably most states, you have to be a police officer for some time and then work under a private investigator for some time and THEN you can open your own business… 😦 I have reached the cutoff age for policing.

I guess it’s inevitable that I touch upon the relationship status… Well.. Limbo comes to mind. I’m trying hard not to pressure, but I am firm in my decision that counseling is mandatory before (even though I would like to) labels are placed. I feel like sometimes mixed signals sneak in, but in this current situation it’s pretty inescapable.

Come on May I’m ready for school now


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