therapeutic thoughts and quiet minds: Getting back to the basics


To live an authentic life, you need to listen to your intuitive voice on all levels, staying true to values that serve you AND others, and refuses to compromise.

I have not been living an “Authentic life” lately. I have been a complete servant to my ego and it has been loving every minute of this undivided attention. I once prided myself on my inner happiness and true self. I learned, not over night, how to give the stresses of the day away and disallow their return. I have been drained lately, mind, body and soul and it is time for change. Not so much change, but a factory reset of sorts. Meditation used to be my failsafe, and as of late I have thought I lacked time but I have realized that what I lacked was drive.

Step one: Get back to the basics


When you begin to meditate on a regular basis, you will start to notice that thought and feelings that may have been building up inside of you are gently released and you reach the quiet place that was always there, waiting for you- the place of pure awareness. It is there that you will experience peace, healing, and true rejuvenation.

therapeutic thoughts and quiet minds


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