Work, Wine and Me Time

It’s that time again, time to uncork and unwind, purge my mind of all things of the day. Todays uncorkable is 90+ Pinot Noir from ninety+cellars. I’m sure you already know the name! The theme of this company, purchasing wine only from places that receive a 90 or higher on the wine scale, I have always thought to be awesome. I used to chit chat with the vendors when I ran the wine store and always learned something new. I have never tried to figure out where the wine was from but if you’d like to:

The story: This beauty comes from terraced vineyards scattered about Monterey’s hills and valleys where the cool Pacific air settles in the evening. Like a well-pampered child, this Pinot Noir likes to play all day in the summer sunshine and then sleep with the air conditioning on. This is one amazing Pinot for the price.

The taste: Aromatic strawberry, raspberry and cranberry aromas coupled with a little earth and cedar. The wine’s flavor is satisfyingly simple with a taut texture and juicy finish. This is a simple pleasure Pinot that you can feel good about popping open anytime you’re in the mood.

Personally, I do enjoy it. It is smooth with a bite. I get the strawberry and cranberry from it . But enough about that!

Today I had a “work with” with a new girl on team Boston! so this wine is much needed and deserved. This is not to say that the girl that I worked with was horrible or anything. This is simply because I think that this is more of a “let’s see what she’s up to” than a training for a new member…. I mean for goodness sakes I’ve only been at this for 4 months, what could I possibly teach her? On top of that, she knew everything already!! I went along with it. Thankfully they set this up when I was going to my well preforming locations! And…. AND…. tomorrow I convinced her to go to her locations tomorrow so that she works and I watch!

Side Note: Whomever runs this claims department is absolutely awesome!



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