Cigarettes, wine, and fights

This happens to be the very first blog post for crazy town. My aren’t you lucky! I happen to be, well technically, 3 glasses of wine in. I also had this whole post already written but had to restart the computer and lost it all.

The subject of the, already written  three glasses ago, post was, undoubtedly, my lovely boyfriend. You see, yesterday I attempted to quit smoking(I know…YAY!) but failed… epically! I called him in the morning because I was sure he would be the one to give me the support that I needed to fight and beat the intense craving that was surely driving me mad and bringing me to tears. He, instead, chose to tell me about his wonderful caramel hot chocolate and cigarette he was enjoying one his break. I wanted so badly to hang up on him, but held my cool. Although I managed to finish out the phone conversation, immediately after it was over, my blood began to boil. I was furious! How could he be so evil? So I text him, pretty much those words, maybe slightly harsher. He apologized but I was still on fire.

I was definitely a tense night at my place that night but we got through. This morning though, this morning was a different story. I was reinjured somehow or another and decided it was best if I spent the night alone. This obviously was not his plan and he was very adamant about seeing me this evening.

We fought about the toxicity of our relationship and everything  between. The drinking is a problem. But that is for a later post because I am currently sitting here with a drunk boyfriend and this is a tricky hard to handle situation wrought with suicidal actions and usually ends with a friendly call to the police department.

Good luck and good night


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